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Friends Fellowship of Healing

As we open ourselves to become a channel of God’s healing grace we shall find that healing is given to those who pray as well as those for whom we are praying

A small group of Friends usually meet at Blackburn Meeting House on the 3rd Sunday of each month for half an hour, from 10:00 until 10:30, prior to Meeting for Worship to offer prayers for healing for anyone in need of help and support. However, given the current worrying and uncertain times our thoughts and prayers are needed more than ever. Instead of the Meeting for Healing taking place at Blackburn Meeting House, Bev Rayner intends to sit, by herself, for half an hour, in her own home, from 10:00am – 10:30 am each third Sunday morning and send prayers for healing to those in need of help and support. It would be wonderful if you felt able to participate at this same time and in your own home and by joining together thereby increase the energy of our prayers and thoughts.

Remembering that all healing is love in action

The intention of the Meeting for Healing is to request healing for anybody or any situation that is experiencing difficulty, by focusing as a group, on sending healing energy to wherever requested.
Healing can offer support to anyone coping with the stresses of modern living or perhaps undergoing medical treatment, by helping to relieve stress and anxiety, ease pain and discomfort and alleviate side-effects.
All are very welcome to take part or the name of any person or concern that may be helped by a request for healing may be given in confidence to:- Bev Rayner  or 01200 426898 or 07928 107306

Breathe in the quiet purpose of this place
Through outward stillness, seek a calm within
Here we can find forgiveness and forgive
Here feel the healing miracle begin

Geoffrey Weedon